Class of Code Project

Computer programming is becoming a popular activity for today’s technology-oriented children. Even children who do not want to become computer programmer when they grow up, are becoming part of the work-groups related to programming.

Why to teach kids to code?

  • Programming encourages children to be creative, think logically, and develop the critical thinking they need throughout their lives.
  • The skills that these children develop during early experiences in programming help them to be successful in education.
  • With coding, children try new solutions to problems and learn what happens in certain situations.
  • In our technological world, learning  how to code is as important as reading and writing.
  • Many kids want to play computer games, use mobile apps, and visit the website regularly. But the most interesting thing is that while they know a lot about software, few know how to use the code to create their own games.
  • Programming is fun, creative, and extremely usable these days and in the coming decades.


The class is organized for children 10-14 years old in the field of digital skills, offered by the Center for Business Technology and Leadership (CBTL) in co-operation with Children learn by playing and doing real mini projects.

The class is organized in different Levels.

  1. The first level was a complete packet of digital skills like internet security, web development, app development, PC Hardware etc. (3-14 July 2017)
  2. The second level will be focused on advanced specific skills of the first level and the third level will prepare the children to work by their own in a specific real project in digital field.
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