Consultancy Services for “Research on IT Potential Entry Points”

The subject of this project, will be the identification of potential entry points in IT Software and Services subsector including areas of interventions, potential partners, and business models as specified below.

  1. Business services for the private sector such as quality standards, marketing and promotion, skill development etc.
    Regulatory framework to identify favorable policies and regulations that could stimulate the growth of ICT sector.
  2. Public and private sector collaboration and coordination in ICT sector in addressing barriers to private sector growth and in increasing promotion of Albania as an IT outsourcing destination.
  3. Investment in ICT and how Albanian diaspora can be attracted to invest in ICT sector in Albania.
  4. Potential linkages between IT subsector and other sectors in domestic market such as BPO sector, tourism, agribusiness, e-commerce retailing, and how to strengthen them.
  5. Young women’s participation in the ICT sector; identify possible entry points to incentivize more young women to join the ICT workforce.

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