Cyber Camp Tirana 2018

“Cyber Camp Tirana” is a project that aims to raise awareness and create community cooperation
with the police, through activities that promote, educate and distinguish talents in this field.

CyberCamp 2018 will be organized by CBTL-Center for Business Technology and Leadership, which will cooperate with the Police Directorate of State (Information Technology Directorate), at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, supported by the Swedish project.

From the form of the assault implementation and its categories to awareness of how to protect and avoid such conflicts, the presentation highlighted the importance of ‘Security By Design’, the complexity of electronic infrastructure, the various careers that students can pursue in this regard, to phenomena such as cyberbullying and its seriousness, to create the full panorama.

Stay in touch with CBTL website for in the following days we will reveal the agenda and more detailed information regarding the continuation of our project, or please drop us an e-mail for any question you might have.

Stay Active!
Stay CyberSAFE!!


The main activities at CyberCamp 2018 will mainly focus in Tirana as a pilot city, and later extended to other cities, periodically organized. The first Milestone of the “Cyber ​​Camp Tirana” project was the meeting with the students of Gymnasium "Hermann Gmeiner". The participants were students of the first, second and third years. The presentation included information on the basic concepts of cybercrime. Also, the students were introduced to the bootcamp and hachathon events, where  they could be selected to participate. Initially, to create a friendly environment and to understand the level of knowledge of the students, a basic questionnaire survey was conducted as a basis for how the information would be communicated. The concepts that are considered a genuine cyber crime and their effects on our activities were presented and later-on described precisely how they work.