Selection of candidates for the training project for programmer

The Re-qualification project for ICT project is based on a nine-month innovative and intensive software development education program.

The training program was separated in two parts, one on June – July 2017 and  the second part September – October 2017. In the end of the training students will be separated in groups of 3 people that will present a full project, application in the respective program language.

Each of the students will have the opportunity for internships at the AITA members companies and only the best will be employed by the IT companies.

Targets candidatures were young graduates and graduates coming from IT or similar backgrounds that are problem solvers and who demonstrate remarkable logic skills.

The program is co-financed by USAID/ REG BREDI Program & AITA.

CBTL performed the following actions:

HR Consultant – CBTL  launched a call based on the specification prepared by the AITA and were in charge for interviews, creation and execution of evaluation tests and also perform.

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