• SACP project - Swedish Support to MoI/ASP on Community Policing Programme
  • 9/23/2013

Survey for Local Safety Measurement System in 10 selected zones in 5 Albanian cities.

The survey was based on the “household approach” for the selection of respondents. In Total 2000 surveys were conducted. A full report with the results, analysis and recommendations was provided to the Albania state Police.


The aim of The Local Safety Measurement System (LSMS) was twofold: a) to measure the level of safety as it is perceived by the community, including real crime levels, disorder problems , traffic security as well as b) the level of satisfaction with the police work at 10 defined areas in (2 zones) 5 cities of Albania respectively, Tirana, Lezha, Elbasan, Durres and Vlora.