What we do

What we do


CBTL is an Albanian NGO with a strong background in project development, assessment of business needs as well as education and capacity building. The activity of the Center does not aim profit.

It aims to perform activities on the following fields:

  • Market Studies, market analysis and professional publications
  • Report writing on the market trends
  • Projects Assessment and Management
  • Trainings
  • Scientific researches
  • Consulting services
  • Coaching / mentoring

The center by means of cooperation and consultancy with experts, professionals and associations aims to realize all the initiatives and activities that make possible the achievement of its objectives regarding the organization of capacity development workshops on social and business management field, human resources, innovation, management and leadership.

In order to achieve its objectives, the center promotes and collects funds and participates on the activities that are considered fruitful and necessary for its development.

Request for Proposal for Capacity Development Workshops