The awareness phase was implemented through 3 webinars with pupils and students from the universities and VET schools of Albania. The main focus was on the risks of Cyber Crimes and the ways to prevent them. Cyber ​​crime and security are a global phenomenon that represent a complex socio-technical challenge for governments, but it certainly requires involvement of individuals. Although cyber security is one of the most important challenges facing countries today, visibility and public awareness remain limited. Almost everyone has heard of cyber security, however, the behavior of people does not reflect the high level of consciousness. The Internet is often considered a secure environment for sharing information, transactions and control of the physical world. Our society is becoming more and more dependent on cyberspace, a place where cyber attacks and cyberwars are common; it can occur with high risks, as hackers can take control of medical devices, automatic machines and flight control, which can also be life threatening, and for data destruction.

Through awareness-raising activities, CBTL aims to engage and educate citizens, students, public sector partners, and provide them with the tools and resources they need to stay safe online and increase resilience in the event of a cyber incident.

The main points that were addressed during these days:

– Cyber crime and security are a public concern that receives insufficient awareness.

– Security and cybercrime are complex, inviolable and difficult to understand.

– Familiarity with the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

– Knowledge of malware types and cyber attacks

– Implementation of tools and techniques for vulnerability assessment.

– Data protection

which were developed in detail during the Bootcamp Phase.

80 people were part of the 3 webinars we conducted through the Zoom online platform, mostly pupils and students.