It’s always good to learn. You know what we think it’s even better? Taking a chance to showcase the skills you’ve learned and practiced, particularly when you can create or be part of a team and why not, reap a little humble reward at the end.

Basically, this is what the hackathon consists of: Youngsters, who challenge themselves alone or in a team, to solve certain real-life simulation-problems in the form of a CTF (Capture the Flag), for two consecutive days, and this time online, due to the COVID-19 situation.

The results? 43 applicants and 9 winners. But let us tell you a little more;


What is CyberCamp Tirana e-Hackathon 2020?

This Hackathon, the third main activity of CyberCamp Tirana 2020 that was organized fully online, is an opportunity for connoisseurs, coders, developers but not only, to join and solve the challenges that will arise during this activity . Challenges relate to cybercrime and its management by experts and the State Police, and specialized units, in the form of a “reality stimulus”.

The theme of this hackathon will be cybercrime investigation, so the main challenges will be over security, privacy, fraud and crime prevention. Hackers (participants) can participate as individuals or groups with a maximum of 3 people.

The platform chosen to carry out the activity is Zoom, through which we will communicate the division of challenges and the relevant rules, communications about their solutions and any possible problems.

Hackers mainly involve high school and university students, but do not exclude employees, entrepreneurs, designers, coders or other persons related to this field. These individuals form teams of 1-3 members and work during 2 (two) days (June 26, 16:00 – 20:00 and June 27, 10:00 – 16:00) to solve cyber challenges. Participants should also challenge themselves, collaborate in a team, and demonstrate their knowledge of safety and their developmental skills.

And naturally, the promised prizes:

First place – 400 Euros

Second place – 200 Euros

Third place – 100 Euros

and a special awards (300 euros) for excellent girls in the field, who shall achieve great results, regardless of winning or not. This time, the prize was delivered to two girls (150 euro each)


The e-hackathon expert group:

Mr. Rio Sherri, security expert, London, UK

Mr. Igli Tafa, lecturer at UPT, Tirana

Mrs. Edlira Martiri, lecturer at FEUT, Tirana

and a team of mentors.

Participation was free. All we required was your desire and talent to compete.
By the end of both bootcamp and hackathon phase, certificates were delivered.