CyberCamp Tirana 2018 – 2019

About the project

“Cyber Camp Tirana” is a project that aims to raise awareness and create community cooperation with the police, through activities that promote, educate and distinguish talents in this field.

Through the 3 (three) phases of the project: Awareness, Bootcamp and Hackathon, we wish to aim directly at the students and youth who deal with cyber affairs every day of their lives through interactions with the Information-Technology world.

The Awareness phase includes open classes and sessions in high schools and vet schools of Tirana alongside with public and private universities.

The Bootcamp phase which consists of an intensive 3-days training will happen during the 20,21,22 of May 2019 at Protik Innovation Center and

the final Hackathon phase will bring the participants to an intensive 2-days during the 24 and 25 of May 2019 at the very same building but this time, to challenge themselves through tasks which aim to bring out the best of the best.


The organizing group

Dritan Mezini

Project Manager

Endri Qenanaj

Project Coordinator

Eljana Mete

Excecutive Director

Trainers and Mentors

Rio Sherri

Hackathon expert and developer

Elda Balili

Mbrotja e të dhënave personale (GDPR)

Vilma Tomco

Politikat publike në Sigurinë Kibernetike

Armela Loshi

Bug Testing dhe raportimet në website

Ervin Cfarku

Lundrimi i sigurt në Internet




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Cyber Camp Tirana is one of my very dearest projects to manage; three different phases, each aiming at different target groups for a greater purpose: awareness and skills for safer infrastructures and online presence. A great team of experts and very promising youngsters who are willing not only to learn, but particularly to challenge themselves, the environment around them and who knows, perhaps the whole world! As we at the office always say “Stay Active, Stay CyberSafe!”

Dritan Mezini: CEO of DM Consulting Services and Co-founder of