Inno-Tech Camp Tirana

About the project

Inno-Tech Camp Tirana “Sprint Up” was a 3-day activity designed to help all start-ups (new companies) by youngsters aged 18-25 that use technology and innovation in their solutions, to deepen their knowledge and understanding of a more sustainable business, as well as to improve and strengthen the presentation of their business in opportunities to generate interest, funds and various investors. The business ideas had to be consolidated in the field of technology, or already with prototype companies that have been established within the last 3 (three) years. The young entrepreneurs could be from any city in Albania.

The project is implemented by CBTL (Center for Business, Technology and Leadership), with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America (USA), the American Corner (American Corner), as well as in partnership with Innovate Academy Albania.

The activity model has been adapted from successful models of similar activities in Silicon Valley.

Inno-Tech Camp Tirana took place from 01-09 March 2019.

The project’s implementation

On March 1st and 2nd, the selected applicants made a presentation of their product / idea, and then submitted to some important business topics to improve and grow their business, such as idea presentation, digital marketing , sales and marketing, creative thinking (design thinking), planning and research for funding, etc.

Each applicant would then contact the mentors with whom they would interact during the following week up to the pitching day.

On March 9, they presented their ideas to a committee composed of representatives of the corresponding fields and from different business.

The winners of the competition were awarded and offered following support.

Project Manager / Coordinator

Dritan Mezini

Project Manager

Endri Qenanaj

Project Coordinator

Eljana Mete

Excecutive Director



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Inno-Tech Camp Tirana is one of my very dearest projects to manage; Youngsters who are willing to change their own status-quo for a better future, willing to learn and listen and develop their ideas regardless of their level of knowledge and understanding of business. They are brave and that’s probably the greatest characteristic they need at the moment. 


Dritan Mezini: CEO of DM Consulting Services and Co-founder of