• August 2017 - ongoing

Swiss Cultural Fund

Young and independent artists in Albania are affected by very high unemployment and an unclear path towards a full artistic career. The core causes of the difficulty are a lack of capacity building opportunities, access to funds and involvement in regional or international artistic initiatives. SDC’s new program for “Management of the Swiss Cultural Fund” will contribute to bridging this gap.

The Swiss Cultural Fund is dedicated to the development of the artistic scene in Albania by actively engaging in supporting cultural projects.

In achieving this, The Swiss Cultural Fund has a specific focus on capacity building activities and regional collaboration projects.

Partners of this project:

Swiss Embassy in Tirana 

Center for Business Technology and Leadership

In order to achieve its objectives, CBTL manages projects grants and also participates on the activities that are considered fruitful and necessary for its development.

So, the Center for Business Technology and Leadership is focused on promoting development, market research programs, and related activities that will foster effective leadership, accountability, innovation, social awareness, and so on.



The overall mission of the project is to promote and advocate the social relevance of arts and culture by supporting cultural actors in their work, strengthening their capacities, and fostering cooperation and exchange. The mission of CBTL is the development and support of any activities, focusing on organization and realization of projects particularly on management, social and business related issues, technology and innovation, management and leadership roles, human resources and other activities that are connected to the above mentioned, offered for the benefit and interest of public. CBTL is committed to overall management and administration of projects grant, using its wealth of knowledge in different areas, in order to serve a broad audience.