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Center for Business
Technology and Leadership

Market Studies

CBTL is focused on promoting development, market research programs, and related activities that will foster effective leadership, accountability, innovation, social awareness, and so on..

HR Trainings

The mission of this center is the development and support of training and any activities particularly on management, social and business related issues, technology and innovation, management, human resources and leadership roles.

Innovation and technology

CBTL scope is related with performing workshops, training, studies, market research, survey, cultural activities and various publications in different area, considering also the effective use of technology for achieving sustainable results.

Our activity

CBTL is an Albanian NGO with a strong background in project development, assessment of business needs as well as education and capacity building. The activity of the Center does not aim profit. It aims to perform activities on the following fields:

  • Market Studies, market analysis and professional publications
  • Report writing on the market trends
  • Projects Assessment and Management
  • HR Trainings
  • Scientific researches
  • Innovation and technology
  • Consulting services
  • Coaching / mentoring


The mission of this center is the development and support any activities, focusing on organization and realization of projects, offered for the benefit and interest of public.


The Center for Business Technology and Leadership is committed to using its wealth of knowledge in these areas and innovation to serve a broad audience.


CBTL have a very professional network of partners in Balkan’s and SEE Countries. With over 7 years of experience, CBTL has managed projects ranging from simple to the large and complex.

Featured Training

Project Management Training – This training was carried out towards 120 top managers of the corporation as part of the AGNA Group Leadership Academia for their managers.


Request for Proposal for Capacity Development Workshops